Herewith some of our previous food vendors. We are always looking for new and interesting food vendors and try and get new vendors at each event whilst also keeping some of our old ones. Contact us if you would like a list of food vendors at a specific event

Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery

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Catering 4 U - German Sausages

Michael has been with Fijnwyn since the 1st one and it will not be the same without his German sausages. He also has a few new things planned for the kids this year.

Whiskaway Ice cream

Luxury homemade ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts

WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet is a product of luxury, produced with a home-made charm.  At WhiskAway we believe that the only way a flavour can truly be enjoyed is when it is produced using the freshest natural ingredients, and no other additives.  We avoid any artificial flavours, colours, stabilisers or other chemicals when making our products.  Unique flavours, exclusivity and personal service are what WhiskAway is all about. We believe quality is more important than quantity, and that a quality product is not a privilege but every consumers right. 

Visit their website -

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Kids Kafe

Kids Kafe will be back with their popular stokbrood as well as lucky packets, sweets and oros for the kids. They have a few new plans up their sleeve so do not miss their stand at Fijnwyn

Braai Plankie

Marinated Matured Rump, served with a gourmet braai broodjie which consists of caramelised onions, emmentaler cheese and tomato on top of a freshly baked “boer brood”. All this dished up on a “plankie” with a creamy black pepper sauce and added rocket. 

Tutto Food Co.

Tutto Food Co. specialises in freshly made paella, cooked in giant pans from Spain. Every paella is made from scratch, from the aromatic base of garlic and fresh herbs to the succulent prawns and Cape mussels that finish this colourful dish. Our greatest passion is to share with you this experience of cookery that gets right to the very heart of good food.

I Love Pancakes

Do yourself a flava and try our variety of delicious pancakes!! I LOVE PANCAKES!!!

CTFM Parkview Oysters

Israeli Olives

Lorian's Cheeses



100% BANTING FRIENDLY products. A Tasteful living towards a new HEALTHIER you! Quiches, Cupcakes, Cakes, Seedloafs, Belgium waffles, & more!

100% BANTING FRIENDLY products. A Tasteful living towards a new HEALTHIER you! Quiches, Cupcakes, Cakes, Seedloafs, Belgium waffles, & more!

Die Vurk (Saturday only)

Fat Swine

Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Cheese griller with smoked onions, smoked low and slow, served it on a bun with coleslaw and is topped with a sweet & tangy sauce


We serve traditional Greek dishes as well as some Greek fusion dishes…Greek with a twist!

Balkan Burgers

Balkan Burger is the most unique and the best tasting burger in the universe. We went back to basics with the fixings - only onion, tomato, lettuce and a bit of cabbage is all that goes in the Balkan Burger so you really get to taste the AAA grade beef and the artisan bread. We don’t use ketchup, mayo or mustard (those things are super bad for you) but have our homemade red pepper sauce as a signature differentiator. You can have your Balkan Burger hot or not. We also have the coolest looking food truck on the planet! We cater big events and small home parties .  #BurgerRedefined since 2011